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Work of the Week

Again, I had some great work being sent in over the last week but Work of the Week this week goes to Lucy for being so focused with her home learning and going above and beyond with her research into the Mayans. Well done, Lucy.
Lucy Whitfield
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I have been so impressed with the hard work and creativity so many of you have been sharing with me during our first week of lockdown. It is so nice to see what you have been up to.  Please keep the messages and photos coming in. 

This week Work of the Week goes to Barney for his carefully researched and beautifully presented science work all about colour. Well done, Barney

Barney Main
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Ryan Singfield
Ryan worked really hard on recounting what happened during our trip to The Big Pit this week. He wrote far more than usual. Well done, Ryan.
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Victoria Kmiecik
Well done Viki for persevering with percentages. You’ve worked really hard.
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Ava Millier King

Well done, Ava for writing a brilliant log in the style of a robot!

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Lucy Whitfield

Well done, Lucy for a great retelling of the short film, ‘Alma’. You included lots of varied punctuation and sentence starters.
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Logan Everett
Congratulations to Logan Everett for his excellent work in maths this week. His concentration was excellent and he was very proud of completing three tasks! Well done.
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