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Work of the Week

Thank you again to everyone who is still going strong at home and completing all of your task - great work.  Just three weeks to go!
Ruby Pulsford
This week's Work of the Week goes to Ruby (for the second time in recent weeks) for her well researched and well written non-chronological report about Treacher Collins Syndrome.  Well done Ruby!
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Well done to everyone who has been working hard completing daily tasks and sending in messages and photos.  You're doing really well.  Thanks also to those who have sent in your weekly total for the Uphill Runs/Cycles the World challenge.  We are making progress!
Ava Millier-King
Well done to Ava for being award this week's Work of the Week.  She and her sisters have completed lots of art activities during lockdown and it's been great to see pictures.  Ava's most recent projects are her graffiti art and the Wonder picture with her personal characteristics around it.  Two fantastic pieces of work.
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It's been a really busy week this week both in Pod Pegasus and, it appears, in lots of your home schools.  There's been lots of great learning going on and I've had some fantastic work to look at that's been emailed in.  Well done for all your hard work.
Fred Sweet
In Pod Pegasus this week the children went a little off topic and ended up researching Edward Colston after his statue was pulled down in Bristol last weekend. We were wondering who he was and why did they pull his statue down?  After some well focused research, Fred created a clear, well-written biography of Colston.  Well done, Fred.
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Well, it's the end of the first week of term 6 and I'm impressed with how well Pegasus have got back into home learning.  You are doing amazingly.  Thank you again to everyone who has sent pictures in; it's always good to see what you have been doing.
Erin Dividson
This week, Work of the Week goes to Erin for being brilliantly self motivated and getting all of her home learning done.  Also, I'm awarding this for a great video she made of her playscript.  Well done, Erin
Picture 1 A still from Erin's video

Yet again, so many of you have worked really hard this week and have kept your routines going during the last week of this term. Well done.  I'm particularly impressed with all the Year 6s who have kept going even though you knew you should have been at Charterhouse this week :(


Ruby Pulsford
Work of the Week goes to Ruby for her dedication to her home learning and accumulating the highest number of knowledge points in Read Theory since the beginning of the lockdown.  Well done Ruby - I'm really proud of you!
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Thank you for all the brilliant work you sent in over the last week. After seven weeks of home schooling, I'm really impressed with the dedication Pegasus is showing.  You are all working hard and making me very proud.  Well done and keep it up.
Logan Everett
Work of the Week for last week goes to Logan for completing an enormous number of tasks and trying so hard.  He even made a video for me of him answering random square number questions.  Well done, Logan - you're a star!
Picture 1 Just one of the many pieces of Logan's great work

Good work again this week, Pegasus.  I'm pleased with how much you are all getting done but not quite so many tasks have been completed online this week compared to last week so let's keep that great start to the term going and try to complete as much of the work that's being set as possible.  Saying that, if your parents are setting you alternative learning activities - that's fine too!


Well done to Pegasus Year 6s for getting the highest percentage completed of the MemRi quizes on Hegarty out of all three classes (not that it's a competition of course!).  Ruby and Fred topped the table for the class so great effort you two.

Oliwia Szeliga
Work of the Week this week goes to Oliwia for her excellent circuit work in science.  Her circuit diagrams were neat and accurately drawn with a ruler and it looked like she had a great time making her own circuits.  Well done, Oliwia!
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More great work sent in this week, so thank you to everyone.  I know there's lots of amazing things going on out there and I don't always get to see them, so if you do a piece of work you're proud of, make sure you get a photo sent to the Year 5/6 email; I'd love to see it.
Willow Bowen
This week's Work of the Week goes to Willow for settling down really well to her home learning after the Easter break and completing a great piece of work on apostrophes.  Well done Willow!
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Again, I had some great work being sent in over the last week but Work of the Week this week goes to Lucy for being so focused with her home learning and going above and beyond with her research into the Mayans. Well done, Lucy.
Lucy Whitfield
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I have been so impressed with the hard work and creativity so many of you have been sharing with me during our first week of lockdown. It is so nice to see what you have been up to.  Please keep the messages and photos coming in. 

This week Work of the Week goes to Barney for his carefully researched and beautifully presented science work all about colour. Well done, Barney

Barney Main
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Ryan Singfield
Ryan worked really hard on recounting what happened during our trip to The Big Pit this week. He wrote far more than usual. Well done, Ryan.
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Victoria Kmiecik
Well done Viki for persevering with percentages. You’ve worked really hard.
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Ava Millier King

Well done, Ava for writing a brilliant log in the style of a robot!

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Lucy Whitfield

Well done, Lucy for a great retelling of the short film, ‘Alma’. You included lots of varied punctuation and sentence starters.
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Logan Everett
Congratulations to Logan Everett for his excellent work in maths this week. His concentration was excellent and he was very proud of completing three tasks! Well done.
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