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Work of the Week!

Work of the week goes to...




for her exceptional, descriptive story of Alma


Well done Sammie


Work of the week goes to...


Macie A


for her perseverance and focus in long multiplication this week. Her hard work and mindset are admirable.



Well done Macie. What a great start to 2020!



Work of the week goes to not one, not two but three excellent writers!


Together, Morgan, Michael and Louis produced an expressive poem about soldiers during World War One. They used metaphors, similes and personification to describe what life was like on the battlefields. Well done!



Work of the week goes to Gabriel!


You wrote an excellent discussion text exploring whether the two girls who discovered a soldier in the woods should tell an adult. You used a range of adverbial phrases and persuasive language techniques in your discussion. Well done.