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Year 1/2 Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn Archive: 2015-2016

 Welcome to Year 1/2


Who we are...

Pluto Class Teacher - Miss Selvey

Jupiter Class Teachers - Mrs Feltwell 

Saturn - Class Teacher - Miss Porter/Mrs. Harris

LSA- Mrs Criddle, Mrs Watson & Mrs Matthews

HLTA  - Mrs Britton


Important Dates

Sports Day-Tuesday 17th May

End of Term - Friday 27th May

Inset Day 6th June 2016

Trip to @Bristol - Tuesday 12th July




Terms Five and Six

'Are We Living in a Material World?'

What a busy few weeks we've had! To kick start our exciting topic we had a letter from Mrs. Sully expressing her concerns about

the rubbish in and around the school. We decided to come up with persuasive posters to try and convince everyone to pick up their rubbish.



This week (06.05.16) has been yet another busy week. It was an exciting Tuesday, as we started a new book 'Welcome to Our Awesome Robot'.  This book really captured our imagination and it was decided, we should build a robot (like in the book). We also discovered we needed more materials to help us build the robot so we have written letters to parents asking if they can help.  Next Wednesday we will making a robot out all of the junk we've collected, we will keep you posted. To help with our recycling and building out of 'junk', Laura from the Scrapstore came to speak to us about recycling. We found out why we need to recycle and that you can make some pretty cool stuff with 'junk', like dens. It will definitely help us next week when we come to make our robots.


Questions that the children would like answered:

How do people build buildings?

Where do we get metal from?

How do you make paper?

How are clothes made?


Balloon Madness!!

What a morning we had on Wednesday! With the profit we had from our Enterprise week we asked Jazzy Jayne to come in and do a balloon workshop. We all made a sword each, had a boogie and had a thoroughly good time.




@Bristol Trip

On Tuesday 12th July we went to @Bristol as part of learning theme, 'Are We Living In a Material World?'. It was an exciting day filled with visits to all the exhibitions and a workshop helping us to build a house out of lots of materials. We were even able to scan our tickets and record what we had done. Make sure you go online to check out how well we did. We had so much fun exploring on this day.




Enterprise Week

This week (w/c 20.06.16) is our whole school enterprise week. We have been listening to experts in enterprise and had a go at some team building tasks. So far we have turned wooden spoons into puppets that people could buy and worked together to create towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows! That really needed good communication and team work! The rest of the week we shall be designing our products and then making them ready to sell on Friday!  



Year 2 Singing Festival

On Thursday 9th June, all of Year 2 walked down to Windwhistle School to take part in a Singing Festival with three other schools. We had all been practising the songs in our classes and performed them confidently. We loved adding in some actions and some of us even got up the front to play some musical instruments! Thank you to all our parents and helpers that came along with us!




Our Walk Around Uphill


What a busy week (23.05.16) we've had! Our Year Two children have been fabulous as they've had their KS1 SATs in Reading and Maths. As a treat for all of the KS1 children we went on a walk around Uphill. We tried to spot old houses and new houses and we even looked at what materials the houses were made of, as part of our topic, 'Are We Living in a Material World?'. We found lots of old properties and discovered houses and buildings were made of all sorts of materials; like: wood, stone, glass, metal and even plastic.

We hope you enjoy our pictures.

Have a lovely and restful half term!





Awesome Robots!

We have started reading a new book ‘Welcome to your Awesome Robot’. We worked in pairs to design our own awesome robots and wrote letters home asking for materials to make them with. We wrote sets of workshop rules and had a D&T day where we created and evaluated our robot designs. We had an amazing day with lots of paint and glitter!




Scrapstore - WOW visit 

A visitor from Scrapstore talked to us about all the different materials they receive and where they come from.

She then provided us with lots of materials and we all got the chance to build a den!






We held class debates to decide whether we should or should not recycle. We discussed our ideas in a group and then members of each group stood up and debated each point.










'What is your Super Power?'


Questions the children want to answer

'How can lifeboats pull people out of the sea?'

'How do people get super powers?'

'How do people make their powers work?'

'Why do people have super powers?'

'What do super powers do?'


The Day the Coastguard Visited

We met the coastguard and they shared with us the dangers of playing in the mud at the beach. They showed us how they rescued people from cliffs and the sea and everyone had a laugh dressing Mr Kelly in the dry suit and Miss Selvey in a inflatable life jacket.  

We also had a good look at their rescue vehicle.






The Day the Hospital Staff Visited

We were very lucky to have Glenda the nurse and Jim the paramedic come to show us how they help people at hospital. We had a great day exploring an ambulance, plastering arms, trying on neck braces, and checking eyes. We also had a chance to role play calling 999 and making sure everyone knew their address in case of an emergency. The children learnt to be careful around medicines, seeing how they look like sweets but shouldn't be eaten. The children had a go at bandaging their teddies in our teddy bear hospital.

Finally we studied x-rays and painted our own. 



The Day the Police Visited

PC Miller came to talk to the children about the role of a police officer. We looked at the police resources including the baton, pepper spray, handcuffs and radio. The children had a chance to try on different head gear and jackets before going to look at the police van.

We hope the children see that the police officers are not scary and if they are in trouble they can approach them for help.





Are We Living in a Material World?

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