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Year 4



Monday and Tuesday's worksheets and the same as two already completed in Week 2. Alternative worksheets are available for you to use if you wish. These two lessons will lead directly onto lessons 3 and 4 so a re-cap will be useful. Thank you.

Pounds and Pence


Click on this link: Year 4 Tutorials - to take you to the video tutorials which will take you through the learning for each lesson. You will need to select Summer Term Week 9.


If you are unable to print the worksheets please do not worry. Answers can be recorded in your pink books (or on a piece of paper). If there are any questions where you feel it is impractical to record an answer then just think carefully about what you would do and, if possible,  discuss it with a member of your family. 

Alternative worksheets: These worksheets offer 3 levels of difficulty. Just choose the worksheet that meets your level of confidence.