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Year 5 / 6 Pegasus/Orion/Unicorn Archive: 2015-2016

Welcome to Year 5/6

Meet the Team

Orion Class Teachers-  Mrs Hodder & Mrs Want

Pegasus Class Teacher: -Mrs Madeley

Unicorn Class Teacher - Mrs Deane

Unicorn HLTA - Mrs Hughes

LSA's Mrs Saunders & Mrs Barrow


yes Key Dates for this term  

Monday 13th June - Cadbury Factory Visit 

Friday 17th June - Music Extravaganza

Monday 20th June - Enterprise week starts 

Friday 24th June - Enterprise sale at 2.30pm

Tuesday 28th June - Churchill Transition Day

Thursday 30th June - Year 5/6 class photos

Friday 1st July - Reports issued to parents

Saturday 2nd July - School Fete

Tuesday 5th July - Broadoak Transition Day

Tuesday 12th July - Year 5/6 Production

Wednesday 13th July - Year 5/6 Production

Thursday 14th July - Transition to new classes morning

Friday 15th July - Year 6 Leavers Party

Thursday 21st July - Year 5/6 Open Doors from 2.30 pm

Friday 22nd July - Year 6 Leavers Assembly


Term 6

Goodbye to our wonderful Year 6's - we wish you well at secondary school and we look forward to welcoming back our Year 5's in September. Enjoy your summer.

Year 6 Leavers Week

Year 6 have had a fabulous week fulled with lots of great activities including : a visit to the beach, a scavenger hunt, pizza and a film, swimming and wheelchair basket ball. Please see some of their photos below:




Year 5 / 6 Production - Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

What a fabulous show! Well done to all the Year 5/6's who performed confidently and professionally in their show this week. It was wonderful to see so much enthusiasm and energy on the stage. You clearly enjoyed performing and we were extremely proud of you.





Enterprise Week

Well done to all of Year 5/6 for a fabulous Enterprise week.  We spent the week setting up our very own classroom businesses. Each of us had a role to play from manager to production worker; we worked in teams to look at the costings, pricing, advertising and profit margins. We also had lots of input from different business people. We learned a lot about working in teams  and working together because we started with lots of team challenges. 




Cadbury Visit

What a fabulous day we had! We learned about how chocolate was made, packaged and advertised alongside some really interesting facts about the Mayan Civilisation who discovered and sold the concept to the rest of the world. Take a look at our pictures.





        "It was the best day ever!" George    " We got to learn about and eat chocolate - amazing!" Cerys  "There was so much to do"



Chocolate Challenge Follow up

On our return to school , we completed a chocolate challenge in which we had to design, make, advertise and pitch a new chocolate bar to our fellow classmates. Below are some of our designs.



"Our chocolate bar was amazing!" Lacey " We could taste all our ingredients" Mpho  " I loved using different types of chocolate"



Term 5

Well done Year 6 you were brilliant last week - great resilience and effort shown.


Well done to all our Year 5's for fabulous performances of your short stories from your mini project 'Tales told in Tents'





Our Summer Term Project is: What lies in the hidden world?

 Our Big Idea: Compare and Contrast



     Mayans                                                                                  Benins                                   Ancient Baghdad


Each class will study one of these ancient civilizations in detail and then teach the other two classes what they have learned.


Project Launch - Art Day

The children had the opportunity to recreate art pieces which are significant to all three ancient civilisations in our art day today. They made Mayan Dreamcatchers, Benin Masks and Islamic clay pots. They had a great day and made some wonderful pieces.







St Anne's School visit to evaluate our inventions in a

"Dragon's Den" style challenge

We finished our project this term by holding a "Dragon's Den" challenge. Our children prepared a pitch to try and convince the pupils from St Anne's to invest in their board game. The children from St Anne's then completed an evaluation form stating how much they were prepared to invest. Our children did really well and were incredibly professional when completing their pitches.

"It was great fun and the children from St Anne's were really nice," Millie

" The children from St Anne's were very impressed with our game and wanted to invest in it." Eliza

" The games were fantastic - the children have obviously worked hard on them and we enjoyed playing them," St Anne's pupil.




Finishing our Project - Inventions Challenge

We finished our project by inventing our own board games. We had to make a board game that displayed an element of Science that we have studied e.g. cogs, wheels, levers, gravity, electricity. We had great fun making our games and testing them on each other. We are now looking forward to having them evaluated by the children from St Anne's Primary School in Hewish.




Discovering Brunel - Our trip to learn about one of the most important inventors/ engineers in Britain

Isambard Kingdom Brunel had a huge impact on the way we live today designing and inventing: bridges, tunnels, railways and boats. The people of Bristol hold him in high regard and we went to find out why. Please read Zak's report below to find out about the impact Brunel has had on Bristol and its surrounding area.





    Wrong Trousers Day - Project Launch

We launched our project with a ' Wrong Trousers Day' where we explored which inventions we felt had changed our lives the most. Following in the footsteps of Wallace and Gromit we will be researching and then creating and developing our own inventions.


"We really enjoyed learning about different inventions." Joanne

"We had to persuade the rest of the class our invention had made the most difference to life today.We believe computers

have impacted on us the most" Patrick


St Anne's Primary School Visit

St Anne's Primary, Hewish, came to inspire us with their "Dragon's Den" fairground ride inventions. Each group had to make a "pitch" to our pupils and inspire them to invest in their product. We were all very impressed with their efforts and wanted to support their projects to the tune of thousands of pounds! St Anne's will be returning when we are ready to

reciprocate with our wonderful-to-be-inventions.



"They could explain, using science, how it works." Tom

"They must have worked really hard." Lily

"They were confident when they spoke." Lilliana

"I was impressed how well the rides worked- can't wait to have a go." Jack


Class Projects

Each class will be exploring an aspect of inventions, researching why they were invented (cause and effect)

and discussing how they have impacted and improved our lives today .

Orion will be looking at the development of transport. Pegasus will be looking at how communication has evolved.

Unicorn will be looking at the development of bridges over time.


Unicorn class challenge

Unicorn class launched their mini bridges project by undertaking a challenge: "Can you make a bridge with a span of 40 cm using

only paper, paper clips and sticky tape? The bridge needs to be able to carry a toy camper van.

Each piece of paper cost £10 as did a 10cm strip of tape, and paper clips were only £3! They could "spend" a maximum of £100!



Only one bridge was successful!

"Ours got stick because we made the tube too small!" Sam, Ruby,Tristan and Jasmine.

"Ours wasn't stable enough!" Toby

Despite only one success, most groups worked really well as team and were able to enjoy the funny side of failure!




We have been reading the book Clockwork by Phillip Pullman which is about a clockwork apprentice who has to invent a new

figure to come out of the town clock when it chimes on the hour. The story has lots of twists and turns and features some

sinister characters. We have really enjoyed it. Please read some of our work below. We have explored the story using

shadow puppets to link with our science work on light.




Our Summer Project - What lies in the hidden world?